Monday, December 29, 2008

Time For New Years Resolutions

Some people tell me to keep this simple but, really, I got clean and sober and back into school. What more do I really want out of life? Well, I'll tell ya:

New Years Resolutions:

1. Exercise and healthy eating - I've spent the last 10 months basking in the glory of meetings and school without getting my lazy butt into exercising while consuming massive quantities of soda and crap. Time to stop all that. I'm sluggish from too much caffeine and sugar. I'm terribly out of shape (and I'm 47, so I really feel that). So:
  • Quit soda and coffee.
  • Get back into Ashtanga Yoga
  • Get back onto treadmill
2. Work on quitting smoking - My dad died when he was 57 and my mom at 67. Bad eating, no exercise and smoking/drinking were the culprits. I've always been healthy minded, even when using, but those were half hearted attempts at best. Like a junkie who's afraid of being dope sick so they stay on the dope, I continue to smoke for fear of suffering the inconvenience of withdrawal. Well, it's time to mature up and get over it. I'm out of breath most of the time and have a cough I can't shake.

3. Give up meat - Fish is ok (salmon, tuna, sardines, etc). My cholesterol is high. Nuff said. Veggies/fruit are the way to go.

4. Work on my "program" in a less haphazard fashion.

5. Strive for structure in my life - where there is none whatsoever. I sleep when I want, wake when I want, I live "on the fly" all the time. Hard to stick to the above mentioned plan, living like that. This should be as difficult as quitting smoking.

Ok, there ya have it. My plan for 2009. Not so much to work on, hmmm? I've got the gym equipment, the yoga matt/dvd's/books, 2 weeks worth of nicotine replacement patches, lotsa fish and veggies in the freezer, meeting lists and calendars galore. All that's needed is motivation. We'll see how that goes. Till then, I'm finishing all the ice cream and cookies in the house. mmmm...



Sounds like a set of really good New Year's resolutions.

I wish you luck in all of them. I quit smoking years ago It wasn't easy to do, but I did it.... finally. Today, I wouldn't smoke even one cigarette. It's like booze. One drink - I might as well drink a quart. One cigarette - I might as well smoke a carton!

I think I'll make exercise and healthier eating two of mine also.

Syd said...

These are good resolutions. I may do the one of giving up meat myself. I've done it before for 8 years. I was a pisco-ovo-lacto vegetarian!

Lou said...

Syd sounds like a pervert in that comment.

Sober T said...

I thought he was some sort of Italian vegetarian. The pisco threw me (not literally).